Jobs with No Experience Required


Record swimmer times at meets. Be a back-up timer if your lane has no swimmer. Attend certification class to learn DSDC rules. An active certification is required for each family.

Ribbon Writer

File ribbons in mailboxes. Pass out 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons at home meets. Ensure the proper ribbons are received at away meets. Enter DQ information for swimmers.

Deck Monitor

Responsible for maintaining order in the bullpen. Keep swimmers in event order, identify missing swimmers and ensure swimmers get to the starting blocks in a timely fashion. Notify clerk of course if swimmers do not come pick up their event cards.

Bag Tags

Hands out Bag Tag awards to each heat winner after a race.


Provide refreshments to all meet workers periodically throughout the meet.


Collect cards from timers, judges, starters and referees and deliver to the scoring table.


Monitor concession area, replenish stock, sell items, collect payments.